Hotel Arctic

Lodging of Greenland.

Touring Greenland Adventure

A beautiful combination of glamping yet being far away from any civilization.


Hotel Hans Egede

The most colorful and beautiful hotel in the colorful city of Nuuk.

Hotel Arctic

The coziest hotel, where you are surrounded by icebergs and arctic snow dogs right outside of your window. 


Up in the Air.

To get to the beautiful and remote country of Greenland you have to fly with Air Greenland. A few years ago I found out that my favorite chocolate chip cookies overseas were the "Maryland" brand, and I was so very happy to see that those were served on all Air Greenland flights. Helicopter tours are popular in Greenland but, to be honest, I can't imagine views better than the ones from the plane rides to and from each city. You fly close enough to the ground where the visibility of the vast ice sheet is so clear on every flight. When you look out the window and see the tiny "ice cubes" below you, it's crazy to think that they could weigh over 100,000 tons. 

These views were so surreal and ones I will never forget.