The Not So Green, Greenland.

There was really no idea in my head of how Greenland was going to look. Since I was a child I had always heard that the country was huge, cold, and "wasn't very Green". All true, but in the most beautiful way. I wouldn't change a thing about Greenland. It is definitely among the most surreal and stunning places I have ever been.  Everywhere we turned there was another iceberg, another glacier, and another epic mountain in the mist. Greenland's landscape is truly a work of art.

First stop. Nuuk, Greenland. 

Amongst the beauty we were not able to just see the land but experience the water and the ice first hand. We slipped on our wetsuits, hopped in the freezing cold waters, and swam to go stand on an iceberg as we waved to fellow crew members on the boat. Afterwards we floated peacefully in the water as we looked at the majestic skies above.

Second Stop. Ilulissat, Greenland. 

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