Coffee Shop

Lowdown Coffee | Edinburgh, Scotland

A good word for Lowdown Coffee is 'consistent'. 

Lowdown Coffee has been one of my favorite shops on my last few trips to Edinburgh. I always make a point of working the majority of my editing-session days out of their lovely shop. Their coffee is not only carefully selected, it is consistently well-made and served by knowledgeable baristas. They also have tremendous customer service and people skills, which is important to me as an American. And they aren't just nice to me because I know them. I witness them being genuinely warm and welcoming to everyone that comes into their shop (yes, I love to people-watch, but who doesn't when you're sitting somewhere for hours at a time?). 

Overall, I would say the clean interior, the excellent cup of coffee (or delicious cake, sandwich or bagel that they also do very well) and their friendly faces are more than enough reason to keep me coming back for more. If they were at a different location, I would just as easily make my way to their storefront. But thank God they are located directly in the center of downtown Edinburgh, off of George Street! The perfect location for me to take walking breaks to stroll through all of the beautiful shops around town when I want a screen break. 

Thank you, Lowdown Coffee, for being a consistently calming (and delicious) part of my day. 


If you would like for me to document your small business, please reach out to me! There is nothing more enjoyable than photographing a small business that is passionate about their craft for their website or social media use! Shopping local is something I will always fully support. Let's work together!

Heritage Bikes + Coffee | Chicago, IL

Coffee shops are my daily workspace, my second home, my place of rest and my 'living room' to dream and talk about life with friends. Thankfully, in my new home base of Chicago, there are so many beautiful work spaces (aka coffee shops). I like to mix up my surroundings from time to time to get fresh perspectives, but overall I have a few personal favorite shops that I frequent regularly. Heritage Bicycles is one of them. This is Heritage. They not only serve excellent coffee, but they sell and fix custom bikes. The interior design is right up my alley as well. The muted color palette, the original, fading wood floors with the stark contrast of the bold white walls with high ceilings just makes me so happy.

Since I am always commuting to different coffee shops around the cities I travel to, and now live in, I love to have a comfortable backpack to carry my laptop and camera gear in. I finally found a beautiful one for the city. The Kamrette Lyra Backpack. It has a separate zip sleeve in the back that is big enough for my 15 inch macbook pro, and I don't have to unzip the whole front camera gear section to get to it. It's a win-win kind of bag because it is not only beautifully designed but a 'pocket-lovers dream'. 

Enjoy this little peak into my day to day life. The only part I didn't include is my lunch breaks to Mcdonalds, my endless emails and my rough hair that is probably hidden under a hat. 

Coffee Shop Heritage Bicycles // Location Lincoln Park, Chicago // Camera Bag Kamrette Lyra Backpack // Eye Glasses TIJN Eyewear