North Carolina

Paige + Brett | A Beautiful Mountainside Wedding

If anyone knows me well, they know I am always up for an adventure! This couple couldn't have made my 4th of July or their wedding any more adventurous! Paige & Brett are from a stunning mountainous area in North Carolina and wanted to have their wedding on the top of a mountain, where Brett had proposed to Paige exactly one year ago before. They ended up having their ceremony & reception inside a quaint lodge, and then after their exit we went on a "super fun-bumpy-holding on to my camera for dear life-limbs hitting us in the face" kind of ride up to the very top of this mountain. I wouldn't change that experience for anything because It really showed what the day was all about. Life is a journey, not a destination. Their wedding didn't end with glitz and glam, it started with their first adventure that we were able to capture. Paige was able to kick off her shoes, sit on dirty boulders, climb rocks to get to their favorite spots and hang off of cliffs...all while in her wedding dress. I don't know many brides that would do that. Paige is definitely someone that I admire! 

Brett & Paige, it was an honor to shoot your lovely wedding day and I am incredibly grateful that my 4th of July weekend and birthday was spent with you all and your sweet family in the foothills of North Carolina!