Photography is how I journal with images over words...

I have never been one to express myself clearly with words, but have found an outlet of expressing emotions via images. have grown more passionate for the art of photography with each moment I capture, especially when living out of a suitcase and exploring different countries and endless remote places. I gain inspiration by working with business owners, artists and couples from different parts of the world. I love documenting who someone is and what they are all about. 

I want to document your story. 

For couples, the way you interact with each other is how your story unfolds naturally in the images, and I will happily climb mountains, stroll down alleys, skip along the sand or relax in your living room with you and watch netflix to capture those moments through my lens.

Contact me to share your story with me so you can get an idea of the session investment, how the editing process works, and what the session will look like! 


I love Jesus, my sweet family and friends, coffee (see Instagram), honey lattes/tea specifically, bowls of cereal for meals, fuzzy socks, my Kamrette camera bag, my brown hat, traveling to remote places and finding a coffee shop or cafe first thing, hiking (but only with Ross Angus James) and Sudoku puzzles + Crosswords (or any puzzle for that matter).